Monday, November 3, 2008

Dollar Bearish Against Euro, Possibly The Fed Cut FFR Interest Rate

In the exchange rate, today trading dollars decline againts the euro (03/11). The exchange rate is U.S. decline for the first time in three days amid speculation by economic growth in the U.S. will further deteriorate in the medium term despite the current interest rate is 1%.

In the last week the Governor Yellen said the The Fed prepared to cut interest rates Fed Funds Rate (FFR) to 0%, if necessary to back stimulating economic growth in the country. Declining dollar exchange rate also occurred as a result of speculation that the manufacturing sector in the U.S. in November will again experience a contraction. These data will be released today.

U.S. dollar exchange rate experienced a decrease of 1.2772 per euro in trading today. Dollar weakened the position of closing trades last week in the position of 1.2726 per euro. Dollar-sterling also be experiencing a decrease in the position to 1.6113 from 1.6076 last week. Dollar also be weaken the position of the 1.159 Swiss franc from 1.1578 position.

For trade this week, dollar estimated will still be colored by the negative sentiment. The release of the Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) data, which will be announced on 7 November are expected to decline. If there will be a decline, it will be 10 weeks successivly. Meanwhile, to this day the volume of trade is estimated to be slightly reduced because holiday in Japan Exchange.


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