Thursday, November 20, 2008

FX Trading Journal - GBP/USD (2008.11.20 - 15:00 GMT)

From today i try to begin posting my Fx trading journal, i learn to specialize in GBP/USD.

After taking look trading signal, price action tested and over daily support 2 and price action over fibo 0%, i decided open position GBP/USD SELL : 1.4779 TP : 1.4703 in support 3.

At this time i uploaded the trading journal, the profit was 20 pips. you can close OP or continue to reach the TP.

Update Trading Journal

I decided close position in the 2008.11.20 22:11 GMT, because the price get reversal signal and MACD show over bought position. This time banked 48+ pips.

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