Saturday, November 1, 2008

Japan: Data Inflation Slowed, Employment Decreased

(Vibiznews-Economy) - Data-level inflation period of September and reported slowing labor, to provide pressure for the Central Bank of Japan (BoJ) to lower interest rates.

Consumer Price beyond the level of fresh food increased 2.3 percent compared to the same period the previous year, after the period increased 2.4 percent in August, released this by Central Statistics Agency of Japan. Data unemployment rate fell to the level of 4 percent from 4.2 percent level of the impact of diminishing employment opportunities amidst the growth of the Japanese economy experienced a slowdown. Data on the number of workers (work force) reported decreased levels to 200,000 and employment data (employed) decreased 110,000, a decrease fourth time in the last 5 months.

Japanese Central Bank is expected to be lower interest rate loans (lending rate) to 0,25 percent level that is scheduled on this day (31/10), together with the central bank to other countries, lower-level tribal loan to a global recession. The Government of Japan on this day will be promising to inject a much as 5 trillion yen (U.S. $ 51 billion) to help the economy in the household industry and small industries in the financial crisis.

Masaaki Shirakawa, and members of the board of the Japanese Central Bank, the other under pressure to take action after the Japanese Yen appreciating to Strongest levels after 13 years in this week. The economists estimate the BoJ will lower interest rates with the possibility of 60 percent, which is the first decrease since last 17 years.

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