Saturday, November 1, 2008

Japan Stated Financial Stimulus Program U.S. $ 275 billion, for SMEs and Consumers

The weakening global economic conditions are also providing a negative impact on countries in Asia, including Japan. In (30/10) make a policy to help economy sectors. Certainty about the policy is stated directly by the Prime Minister of Japan, Taro Aso, after closed meeting with ministers in the cabinet.

Taro Aso mentioned that the government will provide assistance to the economic stimulus of U.S. $ 275 billion. The amount is beyond the level of allegations, many of the previous prediction the government will only provide stimulus funds of U.S. $ 200 billion. According to the Aso, the policy taken himself aims to accelerate the program In the economic recovery.

Worst crisis in the Last 100 Years

The economic crisis experienced by the Japanese according to the Aso is a tragedy the worst economy in the last 100 years, or overcome the crisis that occurred in World War II. In the stimulus package including aid to the sector and households that spend U.S. $ 20 billion.

Fund is planned to be flowed in the form of capital services per head of the family. These funds will be directed to the businessman-entrepreneur or small exporters affected directly from the global economic crisis.

This step also aims to prevent the occurrence of bad debts that may be where the businessman-entrepreneur to borrow funds to the financial sector, which can increase the risk of occurrence of bad debts. This is another positive, this policy can also prevent the efficiency of the company in the form of firing workers.

Opossum Reject Group Policy Stimulus

Policy stimulus to the economy, the government's refusal to get a challenge from the opposition party Democratic Party of Japan. Yukio Hatoyama, head of the party is to put that policy by the government will not be held for a further lack of fiscal policy the increase of taxes. According to Hatoyama will exhaust the funds of the country this year. He also explained that if the policy is implemented then automatically will spend about 11.7 trillion yen.

Rejection also come from the Japanese Communist Party stronghold. Of the leader, Kazuo Shii stressed that the policy conducted by the government can not violate the provisions because they get full approval from the parliament. Without approval, the government can be prosecuted by the law because the country already use the money.

Impact of Crisis, elections will Postponed

The crisis that occurred in Japan has now spread to the political sector. Tight competition between political parties add hot "temperature" In political country. Every political party equal-race do machinate political nature positive and negative. This condition is likely not profitable for the Japanese position that the current economic crisis is being made.

By the creation of a conducive situation, the government stated that the election will be held in September 2009 will likely postponement schedule. Time of certainty has not been discussed further. This policy aims to provide enough time for the government to be more focus in restoring the economy of Japan. This is based on predictions by many parties that the impact of the financial sector crisis experienced by the U.S. will take a long time, even until next year.

This policy directly supported by the majority of the population of Japan. Based on the results of a poll conducted by one TV station, some 85% of voters want the election to that schedule Postponed.

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